Pyrite Bracelet


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This shiny pyrite stone is like a magnet for money and good things. It’s called pyrite, and having it can bring you wealth and fame, says people who believe in crystal healing.

Pyrite is connected to a special part of your body called the solar plexus chakra. It helps you get stronger, more energetic, and boosts your confidence. This pyrite stone is also good for making money, being successful, and having lots of good things in your life.

The pyrite stones we have on our website are natural and not polished. We keep them that way to make a protective shield against bad energies and to help with both your body and spirit getting better.

Remember, the pictures of the pyrite stones on our website are just to show you what they look like. The size, shape, and color might be a bit different when you get them. If you have any questions, you can call us at +91-9301283717.

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✡ Increasing energy and vitality

✡ Effectively attracting money and abundance

✡ Offering protection from negative energy

✡ Assisting in achieving goals and abundance

✡ Enhancing emotional well-being and self-confidence


Usage Instructions:

Wearing: Place the bracelet on your dominant wrist.

Recharging: The optimal method is to expose the crystals to moonlight overnight. Alternatively, immerse the crystal in salt for 15-20 minutes on regular nights, and on full moon nights, let it sit in salt overnight.

Cleansing: Upon receiving your crystal, perform a cleansing and activating ritual to personalize it. Immerse it in simple salt for 5-10 minutes.


Product Details:

Product Type: Pyrite Bracelet

Quantity: 1 unit, weighing 34g

Country of Origin: India


Pyrite originates in hydrothermal veins, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. Its formation requires the presence of iron, sulfur, and specific environmental conditions. Bacterial action can also contribute to its creation in sedimentary rocks.


  1. Natural features like crack-like lines, fissures, uneven texture, or beads and crystals are inherent.
  2. If a crystal breaks, snaps in half, or shatters, including instances during transportation, it doesn’t impact the crystal’s quality. Crystals are naturally brittle, and a broken crystal simply means you now have multiple pieces. Any crystal piece you possess has naturally separated from a larger chunk.
  3. If your bracelet, pendant, or ring doesn’t feel like the right size, feel free to transfer them to a new string or have them remade by a jeweler. In case a bracelet string breaks, simply restring the beads onto a new string.