Top 10 Tarot Readers in India 2024 Simplified.

Discover the best Tarot readers in India made easy! This simplified list introduces the top 10 experts who can give you insights into your future. Whether you’re curious about love, work, or life’s journey, these Tarot readers are here to guide you.


Tarotini By Mrinalini

Meet Mrinalini, also known as Tarotini, the best tarot card reader in India! She’s like a friendly guide who uses old and new tricks to help you with different parts of your life. Whether it’s about love, work, or growing up, Mrinalini cares about your feelings and gives you advice. People love her because she’s not just good at reading cards; she’s like a magical friend who helps them see things in a new way. If you want to learn more about yourself and what’s coming next, Tarotini by Mrinalini is the best guide in India!

Tarot with Sakshi – A Multi-Talented Occult Practitioner

Sakshi, a renowned tarot reader, psychic medium, and astrologer based in Delhi NCR, boasts an academic background in finance, law, and Bharatnatyam dance. With a diverse range of experiences since childhood, Sakshi started exploring the occult sciences and holistic studies at the age of 15. Participating in famous exhibitions across India, she now showcases her work on various social media platforms. Sakshi practices various healing modalities, including tarot, astrology, and paranormal techniques, guided by her guru’s teachings.

Munisha Khatwani – Astrological Expertise in Bandra West

Munisha Khatwani, a tarot card reader based in Bandra West, Mumbai, brings extensive knowledge and experience to her practice. Offering solutions to various queries and fostering happiness and peace in relationships, Munisha is available for in-person consultations.

Amarpreet Kaur – Healing Souls with a Vision

Amarpreet Kaur, also known as Osheen, is a revered tarot reader, healer, and light worker with a decade of experience. Embarking on her magical journey at 19, driven by strong intuitions and faith in miracles, Amarpreet’s accurate readings stem from witnessing clients’ lives flash before her eyes. Despite health challenges, she remains committed to illuminating lives and healing souls, boasting a clientele of over one Lakh satisfied individuals.

Mystic Monisha (Monisha Singh Dudaney) – An Array of Psychic Offerings

Known as Mystic Monisha, this Bandra-based tarot reader specializes in crystal ball reading, coffee and tea leaf reading, and angel cards. In the psychic business since 1992, Monisha charges Rs 5,000 for a 45-minute session. She accommodates large groups by offering home readings and extends online readings during lockdowns.

Devina Badhwar – Intuitive Card Reading with a Mental Health Focus

Devina Badhwar, an intuitive card reader, brings a unique focus on mental health to her practice. With a rich background, including learning Reiki at the age of 13 and expertise in crystal healing, psychology, and hypnotherapy, she stands out as an expert and a trusted tarot reader. Reach out to her via email or DM on Instagram for one-on-one sessions.

Zorian Cross – Wisdom Woven Through Yoga, Tarot, and More

Celebrated for his mastery in yoga, tarot, astrology, spirituality, metaphysics, and numerology, Zorian Cross, also known as AJNAJOG, imparts wisdom through his readings. Balancing his Instagram updates with yoga poses and contributing tarot readings to major magazines, Zorian provides diverse insights. Explore his page or DM him for personalized sessions.

Zohra Shakti – The Woodstock Witch with Millennial Wisdom

Zohra Shakti, known as the Woodstock Witch, has etched her name in the Indian tarot reading scene. Embracing a millennial-friendly approach, she delves into discussions about aligning chi and cultivating positive vibes. With a strong presence in both online and print magazines, Zohra boasts a robust following on Instagram, reflecting the strength of her psychic abilities. Follow her for insightful monthly readings.

Judy Balan – Exploring Psychological Astrology

For those intrigued by psychological astrology, Judy Balan is a sought-after guide. Apart from her role as a consulting psychological/archetypal astrologer, she is a prolific writer and novelist, having authored six novels, including the bestselling “Two Fates: The Story of My Divorce.” Currently, she is working on her first book dedicated to psychological astrology. Reach out to her on Instagram for personalized readings.

Tarot Inseeya – International Acclaim for Holistic Expertise

Inseeya has garnered international recognition for her expertise in Tarot card reading and Reiki energy healing. A qualified engineer by profession, she boasts nearly two decades of holistic and wellness specialization. Beyond being a tarot-card reader, Inseeya holds titles as a Reiki grandmaster, Fengshui consultant, and numerologist. For individual tarot readings, the fee is Rs 3,500, while couples can avail the service for Rs 6,000.

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